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Who can use suvidhashopping Premium Paid Ads?

Any individual or business who meets suvidhashopping’s Listing policy and Terms of Use can opt for suvidhashopping’s Premium Listings.

Why should you use suvidhashopping Premium Ads?

Premium ads help you make your ad more visible, reach out to more consumers and sell your product or service faster.

How can one select their product or service to be a Premium Ad?

To opt for a Premium ad, you need to first start posting your ad on suvidhashopping. As part of the Post ad flow, you will have an option to either post your ad as a free ad or a Premium paid ad. At this stage, you can select for a Premium ad option.

How many types of Premium Ads are there and what does a Premium Ad look like?

There are 2 types of Premium ads: Top of the page ad and Urgent + Top of the page. An Urgent + Top of the page ad gives you a top position on the respective category page while also providing you with a star on your ad. Top of the page ad gives you the same position but without the urgent banner

How can I recognise a Premium Ad?

All Premium Ads are easily recognizable. Top of the page ad: As the name says, they appear right at the Top of each category’s ad results. They are further highlighted in blue for increased visibility. Urgent + Top of the page ad: They are indicated by a green star before the title and have all the other advantages of a Top of the page ad You will see these symbols on the browse page, View ad page and in your My suvidhashopping section.

How do I pay for Premium Ads on suvidhashopping?

Currently, we offer 3 modes of payment options for Premium ads:

We reserve the right to remove any such content where we have grounds for suspecting the violation of these terms and our Listing Policy or of any party's rights.

  • Credit/Debit/Cash Card payment.
  • Cheque payment.
  • Payment through suvidhashopping’s Ad Credits.

You can choose either of these options to pay for your Premium ad. More details about these are part of the Post Ad process on suvidhashopping.